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The Pelatron Center for Economic Development (PCED) actively supports the advancement of economic opportunities for Native Hawaiians through public and private educational, community and business partnerships. These partnerships provide mentoring, training, business incubation and other activities that promote innovation and entrepreneurship.


Additionally, the partnerships leverage U.S. federal government programs, including the Department of Defense and other federal government agencies, as well as qualified individuals and tax- exempt organizations.



For the Pelatron family, the hook is a significant symbol that tells us to hold fast to “na mea kapu” (the sacred things) from the depths of antiquity as we sail towards the rising sun that heralds a new day, bringing new knowledge, opportunities and prosperity.


The verse below is an excerpt from Queen Lili’uokalani’s family chant describing how Maui used Manaiakalani to raise Hawaii.

"Go hence to your father, ‘Tis there you find line and hook. This is the hook-’ Made fast to the heavens'- Manaia-ka-lani--’ tis called. When the hook catches land it brings the old seas together. Bring hither the large ‘aiae, the bird of Hina."


PCED Board

Bronson K. Aken, Chairman

Coreene D. Zablan, Secretary

Henry H. Peters, Treasurer




PCED Staff


Program Manager

Jean Mahealani McClellan




PCED Companies

Pelatron Technologies




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