Harvard C.S. Kim

Mr. Kim became a founding member of the PCED Board in 2004. Mr. Kim is a Vietnam Veteran, having first served in the U. S. Air Force as an avionics technician and instructor on digital theory and flight computer systems and later served as a Finance Officer. He worked on inertial navigation, terrain-following radar, and fire control radar systems.


Mr. Kim specialized in aircraft systems integration and is fully qualified on both aircraft and component (shop) maintenance. As an Air Force Officer, he introduced microcomputers at all Air Force Comptroller offices throughout the Pacific theater, installing systems and conducting a one-week training curriculum to the local staff covering computer basics, operating systems, spreadsheets, word processing and relational databases.


He was also part of the first Space Shuttle team, stationed at the Eastern Space and Missile Center in Florida (Cape Kennedy).  He personally witnessed history with the Shuttle’s inaugural launch. After serving in numerous locations overseas and in the U.S., Mr. Kim retired from the Air Force to raise his family in Hawaii.


In Hawaii, Mr. Kim was an IT manager at the Kamehameha Schools a private school serving Native Hawaiian children.  As a manager with the High Technology Development Corporation Innovation Center (MIC), the Maui Research and Technology Center (MRTC) and as the Project Manager for the MRTC Telecommunications Center, Mr. Kim later managed the HTDC Manoa Innovation Center, an incubation center and assisted start-up high tech companies to grow and expand.


James H. Kahoano

Mr. James "Kimo" Kahoano became a founding member of the PCED Board in 2004. Mr. Kahoano is a popular and respected television and radio personality, known as the Voice of Hawaii. He is a spokesperson for many companies, an actor and singer. Hawaiian and Pacific Island cultures have been integral to his career in entertainment, screen, broadcast radio and television.


Mr. Kahoano supported the Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day Telethon on local television for 30 years, Hawaii Stars Singing Show for 16 years, and has been a perennial co-host of the world famous Merrie Monarch Hula Competition for over 30 years, a tribute to our Hawaiian culture.


Mr. Kahoano is a stellar example for every celebrity, and has offered exemplary community service, especially to the many non-profit organizations whose mission strives for the betterment of the Hawaiian community.



Thomas Aimoku McClellan

In 2004, Thomas Aimoku McClellan became a founding member of the PCED Board and its first Chair. Mr. McClellan is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has over forty years experience in starting up and directing successful companies in industries such as telecommunications design, engineering and construction management, government program management and administration, food product development, manufacturing and sales.


Mr. McClellan is experienced in civil construction project management including earth work, site construction, underground utility construction and road construction. He also has a working knowledge of blueprint reading, project costing, project bidding, pre-project management, construction management and post-construction management.


In addition he has managed and consulted with companies needing expertise in underground and aerial telecommunications, electrical and CATV construction and project management, and has managed the development of microwave facilities and customer service department for a small telecommunications utility in the State of Hawaii that services the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL).


Mr. McClellan also developed a business profile for a competitive cable television venture, including research of the market, costing for construction, negotiating for national and international CATV programs.


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